JCC Nishmah

Nishmah It’s a Guy Thing! - Nishmah It’s a Guy Thing! Is a program for 8th-10th grade boys in the St. Louis area.  The program offers the oppportunity for teens to connect with other guys in the Jewish community through guidance, friendship, and fun.  The program meets once a month to explore what it means to be a Jewish man today. 

Nishmah Banot Board - Nishmah Banot Board offers Jewish Programming for teenage girls who are currently in high school.  There are two components to the program: first, the board has activities including leadership training, team building, speakers, etc.  The second, is helping to plan and implement programming for elementary age girls, otherwise known as Banot Buddies.  With Banot Buddies, they get to become a buddy with an elementary aged girl, and work with her throughout the school year as a role model and Jewish influence.  The Banot Board meets once a month, alternating between the activity-based programming, and the Banot Buddies.  The Banot Buddies program provides opportunity for building leadership in a single gender program and brings in teens from all over the St. Louis community.

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