Student to Student

Updated: May 14, 2019

JCRC (Jewish Community Relations Council) Student to Student is a program unlike any other.  Jewish high school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to fight anti-Semitism, break down stereotypes, and put a human face to Judaism for other high school students, many of whom may never have met a Jewish person. Each year about 120 teens, who identify as Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox, give presentations in high schools that have little or no Jewish presence. After being accepted into the program, participants attend a training session in the fall, and during the school year present at schools in the St. Louis area with their team to talk about their lives as Jewish teens. During presentations, participants discuss aspects of their lives, including Shabbat observances, holidays, life cycle events, Israel, and kosher dietary practices. Presenters bring lots of props, e.g., Shabbat candlesticks, Harry Potter in Hebrew, challah, a tallit, kippot, a mini Torah, a chumash, Oreos (an example of kosher food), etc. Each year the program reaches over 4,000 students in the St. Louis region. JCRC Student to Student is a unique program for Jewish teens, giving them the opportunity to combat bigotry while strengthening their leadership skills and Jewish identity.

For more information contact Fawn Chapel.

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