Teen Tzedek is a unique opportunity for teens whom are B’nai Mitzvah age or older in the St. Louis community.  The goal of Teen Tzedek is to teach Jewish giving to teens, and to get teens used to the idea of Tzedakah.  The hope is that these teens become philanthropic entrepreneurs.  Through the program, teens start their own philanthropic foundation with a minimum $200 contribution and a matching grant of $300 from the Kranzberg Family Foundation thus giving them at least $500 to begin.  Teens can then use an online portal to allocate funds to any nonprofit organization they feel passionate about.  Teen Tzedek is a great opportunity to give back to the community, whether it is for a B’nai Mitzvah project, doing something good in the community, or taking pride and partnership with an agency they care about.  For more information, you can contact Beth Koritz through the Jewish Federation. 


Find out more information by contacting Beth Koritz.